10 Hidden Mickeys To Look Out For At Magic Kingdom

10 Hidden Mickeys To Look Out For At Magic Kingdom

Hidden Mickeys are Disney’s most well-known secret. Positioned throughout the parks (and even in some movies!), the Hidden Mickey serves as a token of appreciation for the mouse that started it all. A “classic” Hidden Mickey is comprised of three circles, with two smaller circles positioned above a larger, central one. The Hidden Mickey is a tradition that is still alive today that you can find in all of Disney’s properties, including Magic Kingdom.

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida there are a TON of Mickeys to look out for. While some are quite obvious, and plenty seem a little far-fetched, there are still others that are difficult to find. It’s a fun game to play with your kids, especially when you’re waiting in those tedious lines.

Magic Kingdom in particular hosts a wealth of Hidden Mickeys that are actually pretty tricky to see. So we’ve taken the liberty of sharing these 10 Hidden Mickeys to look at for while you’re at Walt Disney World:

10. Under the Sea


In Ariel’s Grotto, during the performance of “Under the Sea” you can spot a hidden Mickey embedded within the coral directly behind the dancing fish. Although, this may seem like one of those far-fetched cases, the shape and positioning are too intricate to ignore!


9. Haunted Mansion

10 Hidden Mickeys- Magic Kingdom- Haunted

Even Mickey can get a little spooky! The Haunted Mansion has been known to have a few mysterious Mickeys laying about, but this one fits in with the theme of the ride. According to The Hidden Mickey Guy,

“To the right of the opera singing lady (her left) is a ghost resembling the grim reaper. He is holding up his left arm. Hanging from his left hand is a cloth with markings at the top that form a classic Hidden Mickey. The photo is difficult to develop. The Grim Reaper is standing between the two white stone walls.”


8. Frozen Light Show

10 Hidden Mickeys- Magic Kingdom- Frozen

Cinderella’s Light Show changes depending on the season, but the Frozen Light Show is a fan favorite. Disney, of course, hides Hidden Mickeys in every light show, but this one is truly delightful! The Hidden Mickey in the Frozen Light show is positioned in one of the towers amongst the sparkling icicles than rain down Cinderella’s Castle. You can just make out the mouse ears above the three windows on the left tower.


7. Jungle Cruise

10 Hidden Mickeys- Magic Kingdom- Jungle

Whoever found this one must have perfect eyesight! On the left-hand side of the waterfall in Jungle Cruise there is an airplane. On that airplane there are three white circles that many have discovered as a Hidden Mickey!


6. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

10 Hidden Mickeys- Magic Kingdom- Thunder

Magic Kingdom’s famous mine train roller coaster, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, is bound to have a slough of Hidden Mickeys. This ride is as classic as the Hidden Mickey game itself. One of our favorites is the three gears positioned into the classic Mickey shape. You can see it while you’re on the ride, just past the dinosaur bones on the right!


5. Pinocchio Village Haus Restaurant

10 Hidden Mickeys- Magic Kingdom- Pinn

This one is EXTREMELY tiny and was probably caught due to the diligence of a Hidden Mickey investigator.  This Hidden Mickey is part of the “When You Wish Upon a Star” mural you see when exiting the Pinocchio restaurant. You can see it directly underneath the word “All”.


4. Peter Pan’s Flight

10 Hidden Mickeys- Magic Kingdom- Peter

This one is tough to spot! The moon rotates in Peter Pan’s Flight, so you may not be able to see it unless you ride this ride more than once. Thankfully, one Disney World attendee was able to snap this photo so we can all see it!


3. Gaston’s Statue

10 Hidden Mickeys- Magic Kingdom- Gaston

At the center of Belle’s town is Gaston’s statue (because where else would it be?). If you’re visiting Marlow’s Tavern, you can’t miss this bronze statue that celebrates Belle’s most enamoured pursuer. At the base of Gaston’s statue, there is a very small, but very clear, Hidden Mickey engraved into the stone! It’s closer to the water than it is the statue so keep your eyes peeled!


2. Captain Jack’s Treasure Trove


We’re glad that Disney continues to add Hidden Mickey’s as the parks grow and change. In 2010, Disney World added Johnny Depp on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and they didn’t forget to slide in some Mickey shapes!


1. Carousel of Progress

10 Hidden Mickeys- Magic Kingdom- Carousel

There have been a lot of Hidden Mickey’s pointed out in this classic ride over the years, but this one is our favorite. In the last scene when the family is celebrating Christmas, you can see salt and pepper Mickey shakers on the table!



While you’re on the look at for these 10 Hidden Mickeys at Magic Kingdom, remember to check for new ones at the other parks. Disney’s parks are constantly adding these hidden gems and there are a heap load just waiting to be discovered!


Did we miss any? Tell us which Hidden Mickey’s you’ve uncovered in the comments!


[Source: Hidden Mickey Guy]


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