10 Souvenirs You Don’t Need From The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

10 Souvenirs You Don’t Need From The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

There’s only one place you’re going to get all of your souvenirs from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter— Diagon Alley. Okay, so you can get Harry Potter souvenirs throughout the park and in Hogsmeade, but Diagon Alley is going to present you with the most options.

However, if you’re going to Universal Studios, you may want to preplan what you souvenirs you want from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Trust me, you are going to be overwhelmed and it’s going to be easy to overspend here. So to help you out, I’m listing all of the Harry Potter souvenirs that you absolutely do not need from Diagon Alley.



10. Hogwarts Robes


I know what you’re thinking: what?! If you’re going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the Hogwarts robes are a commonplace accessory. But did you know that these babies cost over $115? And the chances of it being unbearably hot during your visit to Orlando is more than likely so you will only be able to handle wearing your robes for about fifteen minutes.

Plus, it’s pretty easy to make these robes yourself!



9. Chocolate Frogs


For some reason, most people on the internet rave about Universal’s Chocolate Frogs. And I have to admit, when I first tried them at the Hogsmeade grand opening in 2010, I remember them being delicious. But over the years, Universal has downgraded the quality of these chocolates. They have that fake chocolate taste and they’re so big that there’s no way you’ll be able to finish it during your visit. And believe it or not, their shelf life isn’t all that great.

If you want to buy a Chocolate Frog just for the sake of saying you’ve tried it, I suggest only getting one of these as a souvenir at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


8. Gilly Water


This isn’t even really a Harry Potter keepsake, but I’ve never been able to understand why anyone would pay for this. This souvenir from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is probably exactly what you think it is: it’s water. Universal charges their guests an obscene amount simply for the label on this product. Granted, the price for bottles of water at Universal is already a standard $5, but just don’t give it to this whim! It’s not anything fancy either—although they do allow you to add some colorful “potions” at one of their vendors. Just bring your own water and add in some Crystal light and pretend like you’re drinking your own magical concoction.


7. Hogwarts Scarfs


Again, you are not going to want to wear these in the Florida heat. While the Hogwarts scarves may seem like a great substitution compared to the over-priced robes, these are still needless accessories. The “neckwear” as they are labeled online will cost you about $40… for a scarf.

Even the ties are a bit unnecessary at $32 and change. Plus, the Hogwarts scaves on Amazon are way cheaper and just as fitting.


6. Tom Riddle’s Diary


There are a few collectible items available as souvenirs at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Hermione’s Time-Turner is one relic that is worth the price. There’s also the wands, Lucious Malfoy’s cane, Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem, and even the Sword of Gryffindor available. Most of the collectibles cost more than your average Harry Potter souvenir, but if you’re a true Potter fan, then these are actually worth it.

One of the collectible souvenirs at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that blows my mind is Tom Riddle’s Diary. And not because it’s a functional diary that will write back to you if you tell it your deepest darkest secrets. This souvenir is severely misleading in its name. “Tom Riddle’s Diary Functional Replica” is literally just a notebook. Its functionality comes from the fact that it has blank pages that you can write in. You know, like a diary. Except this diary will run you close to $45.

Forty. Five. Dollars.


5. Wand Display Cases


If have plans to purchase a wand for each member of your family, you will probably be tempted to buy a display case to go along with them. The wands can be bought separately or in a pack. For example, if you’re a fan of the characters that make up Dumbledore’s Army, you can buy this collection with a display case for a pretty good deal.

Keep in mind, however, that you can’t mix and match which wands you want to come as a package. The only other option is to buy individual wands and display cases separately. The reason I don’t recommend this is because the display case can only hold one wand and costs about $35. At the rate, you can just make your own.

4. T-Shirt Apparel


You are going to be severely tempted to buy this souvenir at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter more than anything else. There are so many Harry Potter apparel options that it would seem foolish to go home without one. I don’t recommend these simply because they are overpriced. A single shirt can run you at about $35 to $40.

I’m all about spending money on experiences rather than material items. If you really want a Harry Potter t-shirt, my advice is to go to a local Wal-Mart, or better yet, have a bunch of custom Harry Potter themed t-shirts made.


3. Home Decor


It seems a bit odd to have these as souvenirs at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but you can find them in almost any shop in Diagon Alley. There’s a Hogwarts Express pillow, a cute Pigmy Puff throw, and even a Triwizard Cup display item. Like most things on this list, this Harry Potter souvenir is expensive. Plus, do you really want to carry a pillow around all day? Large souvenirs like the Cup are also hazardous to be carrying around and even harder to fit into your suitcase.


2. Temporary Tattoos


An interesting item that those in Slytherin will be especially tempted buy is the Dark Mark temporary tattoo. These can be easily found at Borgin and Burkes. They also have Deathly Hallows temporary tattoos, as well as packages that reflect each of the Hogwarts houses.

Personally, I think there are far better souvenirs that you can spend your money on— ones that can withstand one of Florida’s many downpours.


1. Bags


And finally, there are the Harry Potter souvenir backpacks. These are another tempting option because you may find yourself burdened with more souvenirs from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter than you can carry. Instead of spending $50 on these generic bags, however,  you can find more unique options at places like Hot Topic or Box Lunch. Both of which can be found at the mall just down the street from Universal Studios.



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